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Reclaimed Douglas Fir 'Original Patina' Engineered ($13.95/SF)

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About this product

  • Profile: Tongue & Groove, Back Relief (engineered flooring)
  • Thickness: 3/4" (4mm wear layer)
  • Width: 6.5"
  • Length: 2-9' (specific and extra-long custom lengths available)
  • Price: $12.95/sq ft

Cut from the top layer of old factory floorboards to include high character elements from 70 years of exposure and texturing.

Prices are per square foot.

The engineered build feature of this reclaimed Douglas fir tongue and groove flooring makes it resistant to fluctuations in humidity levels. It's 6.5 inches in width with a thickness of 3/4 inches (4 millimeters on the wear layer). The engineered underlayer is constructed from many layers of wood that are glued together under intense pressure. Together with its resistance to warping, shrinking, and swelling when subjected to varying temperatures and humidity levels, this makes it exceptionally long-lasting. The Douglas fir tongue and groove profile makes for quick and simple assembly; no extra fasteners or glue are required for the boards to adhere snugly against one another. In addition to reducing the transmission of noise from one floor to another, the back relief design also adds a layer of comfort and padding to your house.

Because of its authentic appearance, the original patina face is a highly sought-after flooring design. Patina is the product of the natural aging process of the wood, which results in a dated look that is distinctive to each individual piece if it is allowed to sit out in the open and is not disturbed. The aging of the wood plays a direct role in the final aesthetic attractiveness of the planks. Some of these floors may exhibit evidence of oxidation or rusting over time, while others may have noticeable wear-and-tear markings or scratches that give them a one-of-a-kind weathered appearance. This gives the floors an authentic character acquired only through the passing of time. The individuality of each board is what gives original patina floors their allure and visual value. Douglas fir tongue and groove floors impart a sense of antiquity into the spaces in which they are installed; thus, they are an excellent choice for anybody searching for an intriguing approach to accentuate the aesthetic quality of their house or place of business.

Although it is a type of softwood that has a quick growth rate and lesser density than oak, it is still among one of the hardest softwoods. This type of softwood has a high strength-to-weight ratio, making it one of the softwoods with the highest ratings overall. We concentrate a lot on the details throughout the milling and processing in order for the installation step to be hassle free.

Each and every Douglas fir board sold by Tallest Tree is reclaimed and beneficial to the environment. Since our Douglas fir tongue and groove flooring is crafted from recycled wood, you can have peace of mind knowing that no original tree was harmed in the process. These floors were taken from structures that had been standing since World War II.