• At our company we take great pride in providing only top-quality products. Our goods are warrantied to live up to the requirements detailed within their product specification documents and pricing estimates, which includes replacing any pieces that do not satisfy these standards--whether they're too little or too large, for example!
  • With Tallest Tree you're investing in something that will last. We inspect each and every item before it leaves our hands to make sure the quality meets or exceeds your expectations- but accidents happen! If there are issues with transportation during delivery (which is possible) then let us know within 5 days so we can correct any problems for future shipments too
  • The client is responsible for examining each item before installation. After it has been installed, Tallest Tree will not assume any responsibility or obligation for the material in question. If you have questions regarding the quality or specifications of products purchased from us, please contact us directly! 
  • The product is considered to be adequate after installation and is no longer qualified for return or replacement. In the case that failure was caused by moisture, it's ultimately up to you to determine what needs repaired/replaced as far as installation goes; but if there were bugs in a board, for example, which led directly towards its inability to operate properly, then we'll cover those costs.
  • The rules that we offer for installation and maintenance are in line with standard procedures in the industry. The installation as well as the upkeep When it comes to the particulars of any job, it is best to seek the advice of a qualified licensed contractor or certified installer.

Returns must be in their original packaging in order for you to get a complete refund. Please remember this. Return shipments that are unpalletized or unpackaged will be charged a handling fee.