We roam the earth looking for beautiful, unique, and high quality repurposed wood. We are always keeping our eye out for materials we can source in large quantities on an ongoing basis in order to maintain consistency and speed in order to offer the same quality for generations to come. However, we also keep our ear to the ground for unique small batch quantities if the look is unparalleled and the story is compelling. Some of the stories behind certain pieces of material we have sourced you would barely believe, but we’d love the opportunity to share these stories and bring you along for the ride. The history of wood around the world is extremely intriguing, and we are committed to bringing these tales to your home and business.

At Tallest Tree, we understand that your floor is more than just boards nailed to your subfloor. It's the foundation of your interior design, the stage upon which all other elements must perform. That's why we only use the finest woods available, hand-selected for their beauty and durability. Our experienced artisans then work their magic, transforming these raw materials into stunning works of art that will stand the test of time. From traditional hardwoods to exotic tropical species, we have the perfect wood to match your style. And because our products are made from reclaimed wood, you can rest assured that your purchase is also good for the environment. So when you're ready to give your home or business a floor that is worthy of its design, trust Tallest Tree to deliver the goods.

Tallest Tree’s reclaimed wood products bring unparalleled beauty and long lasting performance to any home or business. Flooring, for example, sets the stage in interior design, whether it is the central point or the canvas that serves to complement the other design accents.

Reclaimed wood floors have a history and patina that indelibly connect a space to its sense of place. The age, character, and grain of the wood tell a story unique to each board. No two boards are exactly alike, which adds depth and warmth that can never be replicated by mass production. Reclaimed wood floors also offer a rare opportunity for sustainability-minded homeowners and business owners to use a product with a low environmental impact. By reusing wood that would otherwise be discarded or used for lower-quality purposes, Tallest Tree helps to preserve our forests while also providing a premium product. When combined with our dedication to quality craftsmanship, it's easy to see why our customers often say our floors are the best they've ever seen.

Humanity's natural draw towards biophilic designs comes from our innate desire to be around nature. We feel more at ease, more comfortable, more ourselves. Designing with elements of nature like reclaimed wood provides health and wellness benefits comparable to going on a nature hike in the great outdoors, away from the chaotic effects of modernity and advancement. Our designs don’t just look good to the eye, they help bring peace and calm to the soul. And, for us this is very important, to know that our customers are healthier and more at ease because they came across our products.

old barn in the countryside with mountains background

We offers a variety of high-quality wood flooring products, including engineered wood flooring, solid wood flooring and floating shelves. Our products are made from the finest materials and are designed to last for years.