Top Benefits Of Reclaimed Wood

Top Benefits Of Reclaimed Wood


In recent years there has been a significant increase in the use of reclaimed wood as a design and building material. This is partially due to the wake of new green construction practices and a remodeling frenzy, as well as the increasing popularity of commercial design trends.

It's common to call reclaimed wood "antique wood," and indeed many timbers have been aged for decades and often centuries, but reclaimed wood is in general wood that has had its usage redirected to something other than its original intent.

This wood mostly comes from old barns, shipping containers, bridges, tobacco and horse farms, wine barrels, and other wooden structures that are no longer used or have been taken down. As a result, rather than discarding good wood in the lowlands, we choose to save it and use it. There are a lot of advantages of using reclaimed wood, but here is our list of the top 5 benefits of using reclaimed wood in your designs.

Durability And Resilience

Because old-growth trees rather than newly planted ones are used to make salvaged wood, it may be up to 40 points tougher on the Janka scale than virgin wood (1). The strength of wood increases with time. As the weather fluctuates, even fresher pieces of wood will expand and compress. As a result, virgin timber will split much more readily than wood that has been cut for more than a century. Antique wood has previously been through kiln dry procedures so the boards are completely dry.

The unique strength of reclaimed wood will assist in keeping it from bending and fracturing, and it will stay in almost the same condition for many more years.

The wood used in historic structures was harvested from forests that were hundreds, or even thousands, of years old. In fact, trees that are able to attain full maturity grow more heartwood, which is the deepest section of the tree. And now, since it's no longer carrying water or nutrients, this section is completely dry, extremely robust mechanically, and resilient to rot.

Reclaimed wood Is Your Ultimate Option For Eco-Friendly Products

Antique wood is environmentally friendly because it has already been gathered and processed, so there is no need for chemicals to be used in the purification process. Deforestation is a serious phenomenon that has resulted in a serious reduction in the number of slow growth trees on the planet. Therefore, it's essential to conserve whatever remains of the original. Fortunately, there are a lot of green practices that can help businesses deal with this problem and focus more on making eco-friendly products.

Wood recycling is one of the greenest approaches available since it helps to minimize the quantity of lumber that goes to waste by helping to reduce the need for fresh logging. Salvaged wood is a more ecologically beneficial alternative to landfill trash since it may be harvested with care and used for the production of new eco-friendly products.

Salvaged Wood Is Aesthetically Pleasing

Longevity and eco-friendliness are all great, but they aren’t the only drivers in the rising trend of industries adopting reclaimed wood. Another advantage of using salvaged wood is that it is aesthetically pleasing. It has history and personality, and with our extensive range of possibilities, you can get practically any aesthetic you desire. Therefore, your home is something everyone will never forget!

New lumber appears to be much narrower and more homogeneous than antique wood planks. However, you may be able to build something magnificent, distinctive, and much more attractive with salvaged wood.

Mature trees contain denser heartwood, which is marked by deep color, and a grain structure that can’t be recreated in new trees. The deep hue and exquisite textures give the recovered timber its distinctive character. The best thing about using repurposed wood is that it doesn't need to be stained or painted to look good. Its worn aspect lends it a sought-after quality that new wood can't match.


Upcycled wood may be integrated and coupled with other design components. This makes it a great partner for any interior decorating craze, or a great way to make a focal point in any room. Because of its distinctive look and feel, reclaimed wood is an excellent option for both modern and classic homes. It's characterized by its high quality and realistic, weathered appearance. It's also one of the most versatile design ideas because it can turn a simple remodel into a great show.

Rustic, country-style settings are sometimes solely connected with the recycled aesthetic, but this couldn't be further from the reality. In fact, it's common in ultra-modern designs that embrace an "anything goes" design philosophy. You can mix old and new, as you may with other types of furniture design, for a dramatic twist. There are several ways in which salvaged materials might be put to use.

In addition to beautifying your house, using reclaimed wood may have a positive impact on the environment. Consider whether salvaged wood may fit into your home's style the next time you redesign.

Your housemates will be grateful for your efforts!