Top 6 Reasons To Use Kiln Dried Wood

Top 6 Reasons To Use Kiln Dried Wood


Whether you're a homeowner who is looking to remodel your kitchen or add on to your home, or an architect or designer working on a project, making certain that the wood designs you purchase have been properly kiln dried should be one of your top priorities.

Kiln drying is the process of heating wood to a specific temperature and humidity level in order to remove moisture. This is an important step in preserving wood, as too much moisture can lead to rot, shrinkage, and other damage. By kiln drying wood, you can ensure that it will last for many years.

The kiln drying process can take anywhere from a few hours to a few months, depending on the size and type of kiln as well as the starting moisture level of the timbers. The final product should be relatively dry, with a moisture content of around 6-8%. (1)

testing the moisture level on kiln dried wood

Another factor to consider is the type of wood being dried. Some woods are more resistant to moisture than others, so it is important to select the right type of wood for the job. Softwoods, such as pine, are more susceptible to moisture than hardwoods, such as oak.

However, if you're unfamiliar with all of the reasons why using kiln dried wood is a good option, continue reading!

In this post, we'll explore six key foundational reasons why using properly kiln dried lumber in your next project is of utmost importance.

Less Likely To Warp

There are several factors that affect the quality of kiln dried wood. The most important is the temperature and humidity levels inside the kiln. If these levels are not maintained correctly, the wood may not dry evenly, which can lead to problems later on.

regular wood warping due to aging and moisture

Kiln dried wood is less likely to deform or crack than air-dried wood. The kiln drying process helps to stabilize it and makes it harder. This makes kiln dried wood a superior choice for use in construction and furniture manufacturing. It is also less prone to shrinking or expanding as the temperature or humidity fluctuates.

Easier To Work With

Kiln dried wood is the answer if you're looking for a simpler approach to working with wood. Cutting and drilling the wood is significantly easier, so it's a perfect choice for projects that require a lot of precision.

In addition, it doesn't shrink or warp like untreated wood, so you can be sure your finished project will look great.

piles of kiln dried lumber

Prevents Mold And Mildew

Mold and mildew are less likely to grow on wood that has been kiln dried. The high temperatures used in the kiln process kill any mold or mildew spores, preventing them from taking hold and growing. This makes it an excellent pick for areas where moisture is likely to be a problem, such as bathrooms and kitchens.

mold and fungus growing on wood planks

Resistant To Pests And Insects

Pests and microorganisms will all be be killed in the kiln, as well. The high temperatures eliminate bugs and bacteria. Unfortunately, our woodlands are infested with illness.

This can be the case, for example, with diseases such as ash borer or dutch elm. Diseases like these can be prevented by drying in a kiln in order to slow or stop their spread.

Regular lumber does not withstand pests and insects as well as kiln dried wood.The kiln's high temperature and humidity eliminate any pests or eggs that may be hiding in the wood. Kiln drying wood is preferable for projects that will come into contact with food or other sensitive materials because of this.

wood infested with insects

Great For Firewood

Once you are finished with your wood project, the cuttoffs of kiln dried wood are a great choice for firewood. The wood has been dried in a kiln, which removes all the moisture from it. This results in a significantly more efficient burn than damp or green wood. Kiln dried wood also produces less smoke and soot, making it a better choice for indoor fires.

torn down wood floors of an old building

When choosing this exquisite wood for your project, be sure to select a reputable supplier who can provide you with the highest quality product.

Saves You Money In The Long Run

Kiln dried wood could also save you money over the long term due to its durability and wide range of applications. If you choose kiln dried lumber, you can reduce the frequency with which you have to repair or replace wood construction. If you want to get the most from your wood, having it dried in a kiln can help you achieve a more consistent product that is less prone to distortion or shrinkage.

Savings are substantial when you consider the expense of fixing or replacing wood that hasn't been dried. Make sure to use kiln dried lumber for your next building project to get a more durable and cost-effective outcome.

kiln dried wood house flooring

Kiln dried wood is the only way to ensure that your project starts and finishes with the same level of quality. You can avoid warping, twisting, and cracking by utilizing this particular lumber. Not only will this save you time and money in the long run, it will also give you peace of mind knowing that your project is being done with the best quality materials available.

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