A complete guide on how to fix split wood

A complete guide on how to fix split wood


Do you have a piece of wood that has split and you don't know how to repair it? Don't panic! We've got your back. In this post, we will show you the steps on how to fix split wood, so read on to learn more about all the methods you can implement!

Scratched wood flooring

How to Fix Clean Breaks 

Pour wood glue into the crack and use clamps to keep the split wood together while the adhesive cures. But when the hole becomes too big, fillers and dowels are required. Fillers come in a variety of colors, and you may even stain them to match the color of the wood. 

How to Fix Bigger Splits

Method 1: wood glue

Step 1: Wipe the Wood clean

    You'll need to use an air hose or a soft brush to remove loose splinters, fibers, and dirt. When cleaning, be cautious not to change the direction of the splinters.

    Step 2: Make sure the two pieces fit together.

      Now that the wood has been cleaned, do a dry fit by putting the parts together to check whether they fit. Then firmly  push the split wood together.

      Step 3: Maintain the Split Open

        If the wood isn't shattered, use a putty knife (covered in masking tape) to hold the crack open. Then, add wax to the tips of your fingers to keep the glue from sticking to your skin.

        Before touching the adhesive, be sure to put on some gloves, and  apply wax to the region around the split to prevent the glue from harming the surface of the wood.

        Step 4: Apply the glue

          Distribute the glue into difficult-to-reach spots using a putty knife wrapped in masking tape.

          Step 5: Clamp the Pieces Together

            All that remains is to use working clamps to hold the split closed and apply pressure to the wood until the glue solidifies.

            Use a nylon strap clamp for wood pieces that are round or uneven in form. When working with regular-shaped wood, long bar clamps and small hand clamps are the ideal choices.

            If you are in a hurry, leave the clamps on the wood for at least 4 hours; otherwise, leave them for 24 hours before removing them.

            Glue on wood flooring

            Method 2: Wood filler or filler stick

            Step 1: Get the Right Filler Stick

              Similarly to repairing a scratched wood floor, we recommend that you use a filler stick that is shaped like a crayon. 

              Step 2: Insert the wood putty or filler stick into the split.

                It's not difficult to insert the filler stick into the split. You can do this using your hands.

                Then brush the filler stick over the split and press the remaining filler into the crack with your finger.

                If you're using wood putty, a putty knife is a better approach to pushing the filler into the crack.

                Repeat until the filler material completely fills the crack.

                Step 3: Spread the Filler 

                  It's time to start distributing the filler. Make sure you do this before the substance on the wood dries. Repeat this process until the filler is smooth on the wood.

                  Step 4: Let the filler dry

                    Allow the filler to dry after ensuring that it is aligned with the surface of the wood. We suggest leaving it for 8 hours before proceeding to the next stage. Alternatively, check the product label for the manufacturer's suggested drying time.

                    Step 5: Sand Down Any Excess Filler

                      Sand down extra filler material with 120 or 220 grit sandpaper until it is smooth on the surface.

                      Method 3: sawdust and wood glue

                      Step 1: Sand a scrap piece of wood

                        First, sand any scrap wood you have. It will be preferable if the wood matches the color of the split piece. 

                        Step 2: Combine the glue and sawdust in a mixing bowl.

                          Then, in a 50:50 ratio, combine the glue and sawdust to make a thick paste that you apply to the crack. 

                          Step 3: Let it dry 

                            Allow the mixture to settle within the split for a few hours before staining the wood.

                            Step 4: Sand and smooth the wood split

                              A hand holding sawdust

                              So, there you have it—a complete guide on how to fix split wood. These simple but effective techniques will help you get your woodworking projects back on track in no time. And if you ever find yourself with a piece of damaged wood, now you know how to fix it!