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Reclaimed Douglas Fir 'Original Patina' Solid ($12.95/SF)

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About this product

  • Profile: Tongue & Groove, Back Relief (solid wood flooring)
  • Thickness: 3/4"
  • Width: 6.5"
  • Length: 2-9' (specific and extra-long custom lengths available)
  • Price: $12.95/sq ft.

70-year-old floorboards, shaved from the top to reveal their unique character and texture.

Prices are per square foot.

This particular flooring is made from antique, reclaimed boards that were salvaged from old buildings. The magnificent, original patina of the wood is preserved, giving each plank a unique look and feel. These old-growth trees were originally harvested in the early 20th century, and their sturdy construction makes them perfect for flooring today. The Original Patina look comes in tongue-and-groove profiles, 6.5" widths, and 2 to 9 ft lengths. Custom sizes are also available.

Douglas Fir is one of the most popular types of wood flooring on the market today. If you are interested, you can place an order or obtain a free quote here.

Douglas fir trees are commonly planted evergreens. Both their height and lifespan are impressive: 400 feet and 500 years, respectively. Their high-quality wood makes them a popular choice for building and renovating. Originating in the western half of the United States and Canada, these plants prefer cool, humid conditions and a soil that drains well.

Because of their sturdiness and attractive appearance, Douglas fir floors are frequently used in commercial and residential settings alike. As a result of its resilience, this magnificent flooring is often used in heavily trafficked locations. These exquiste floors not only look fantastic but also add value to any home or office.

You can feel good about installing this trendy flooring option from Tallest Tree because all of the boards are made from reclaimed Douglas fir that has been treated to prevent further damage to the environment. You may rest assured that no original trees were harmed in the making of our Douglas fir floors because they are made from reclaimed wood. They were unearthed from structures that had remained for decades after being built during World War II.

Original patina is a popular type of wood appearance due to its natural look. The patina is created by the natural aging process of the wood, resulting in an aged look that is unique to each piece when left exposed and undisturbed.

Patina floors are durable and easy to maintain. They require minimal upkeep and provide long-lasting beauty for many years with proper care. These floors' compositions vary greatly depending on the environment they were exposed to during their aging process. The age of the wood can play a factor in its aesthetic appeal. Some of these floors may have visible wear-and-tear marks or scratches that give them a unique weathered look, while others may show signs of oxidation or tarnishing with time.

The character and aesthetic appeal of original patina floors comes in the uniqueness of each individual plank; this makes them incredibly one-of-a-kind since no two pieces are exactly alike. Douglas fir floors bring an element of history into any space they inhabit, making them a great option for anyone looking for an interesting way to highlight their home or workspace!

If you're seeking wood flooring that everyone will love, look no further than Douglas fir. The manufacturing procedure for recovered Douglas fir floors ensures that any potential hazards within the wood have been removed, making it safe for usage for many years. A close inspection of our unique floors will reveal why they are so well liked.