Floating shelves can be used in a wide range of ways. They look great in any room and can be used in a variety of creative and functional applications.

Despite the fact that you can buy pre-made shelves, our ideas are meant to be DIY-friendly, giving you the chance to make something unique and eye-catching for your home decor.

There are several methods for hanging a shelf, but the attractiveness of floating shelves is that there is no exposed wiring or hardware in front or behind the shelf.

Floating shelves are composed of 2 parts: a basic cleat that is immediately affixed to the wall, as well as an empty box that slides neatly over the cleat.

If you enjoy the aesthetics of raw, natural-looking reclaimed wood, particularly live-edge timbers or repurposed planks, you may use some of these ideas to create some truly distinctive shelves.

Live Edge Floating Shelves

The term "live edge" simply means that the wood's sides are left untouched rather than being harmed by a blade. Floating wood shelves can be constructed from any type of wood. Many people, however, prefer live edge wood slabs that are thick and wide enough to serve as a shelf. They can give the appearance of a natural piece of wood coming directly from the wall because they are cut into thick boards.

The thickness of the slab is important because you don't want to see any hardware if you want it to appear to float. Furthermore, if the lumber isn't strong enough, when drilling the brackets, the board can break.

Floating shelf brackets are great for mounting heavy, live edge floating shelves and come in two varieties: individual rods that attach directly to the wall and rods that attach to a bracket that attaches to the wall. You just need to make sure to choose the right brackets that can endure heavy shelves.

Live edge floating shelves, rather than prefabricated boards found in any store, have become popular in the world of interior design because of the natural beauty and character they can add to any space.

Make More Room With Floating Corner Shelves

While utilizing the space that you do have in any room or wall is essential, finding room for storage and adding your unique touch might be challenging at times, especially if you live in a small flat or have a difficult-to-reach area that you're not sure what to do with. In this case, adding floating corner shelves is a terrific way to make more room and to bring your personal touch to the space.

Instead of letting a corner in your house become a dead zone, you can build some of these L-shaped or triangle-shaped floating corner shelves and turn it into a nice display space for ornaments, picture frames, flower pots and other items. You can even place a cozy chair and make the corner into a reading nook.

Floating corner shelves are simple to install and may be utilized around your house to store all of your favorite trinkets while also expanding your living space. With a few simple tools and a little ingenuity, you can start DIY’ing and make use of all of your home's empty corner wall sections.

Just keep in mind that if you're installing a wall-mounted corner shelf, you should always pay attention to the load capacity associated with every type of shelf to avoid overloading or ruining the shelf or your wall.

Next To Window Floating Kitchen Shelves

Floating Kitchen Shelves
Floating Kitchen Shelves
Floating Kitchen Shelves

If you don't have much wall space, try installing a set of floating kitchen shelves next to the kitchen window. You'll improve your storage space while taking up very little wall space. By adding a shelf next to the windowsill, you'll gain an extra ledge of storage while keeping your tabletop area free for containers and dinner prep.

These seem like an expansion of your windowsill and are ideal for something like an interior vegetable garden. Floating kitchen shelves are one of the easiest DIY floating shelves ideas and are a great way to show off delicate plates and special occasion cake stands. You can add them to your kitchen to increase shelf space while allowing natural light to enter.

Add More Bathroom Floating Shelves

Wood floating shelves

If you're one of the fortunate few who has a bathroom with plenty of storage and many sinks, or even if your bathroom feels more like a cupboard with plumbing, there's no denying that bathroom organization is a never-ending issue. Mirrored medicine closets rarely hold more than just a few toothbrushes, and the under space is often a messy pit of dread.

Furthermore, over-the-toilet shelf systems are seldom very appealing but can be a great place to try some practical bathroom floating shelves ideas. It turns out that effective and attractive bathroom organization is feasible; all it requires is a little imagination. Bathroom floating shelves for storage are practical and elegant, and if made correctly, they can appear just like they're from your social media feed. They're also quite streamlined since they don't have any brackets or hefty wiring, so they'll fit into almost any tiny space.

Simply put, if you’re feeling puzzled about where to store all your hygiene products, this specific area can be a smart option for a few DIY floating shelves.

Floating Shelves With Lights

bathroom floating shelves

Custom shelving with embedded LED lighting can be one of the most beautiful and authentic DIY floating shelf ideas and it can surely stand out in whatever room you want! Recessed LED light strips can perfectly illuminate your decor and elevate your shelves from mere storage to focal points of your room.

With a simple hidden lighting strip underneath, floating shelves with lights can make an ideal option over a bed or anywhere you need straight downward illumination.

All you need is some floating shelf hardware, and it's quite simple to put up. Easily clip the brackets to the wall studs, combine the parts, then drill holes in your shelf to allow it to glide over the hardware.

It’s next to impossible to make the wrong decision when choosing to implement floating shelves into your interior design. And if you are going to install one, you might as well go with two or three in a staggered fashion. From displaying books, pictures, candles, signs, or plants, any item on a floating shelf will stand out because the eyes are drawn to the beauty of this minimalistic shelving concept. Stay confident, stay bold, and get your DIY on with some floating shelves, and make a statement.